Release Forms

There are two release forms Casting for Life would like you to sign. The first is a general release form waiving any and all right and claim for damages against Casting for Life. The second is a photographic, video, name or quotation release form. Please read both carefully, print, sign and return both release forms along with your registration and cheque to the address on the registration form.

Release Form 1

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In consideration of my participation in the Casting for Life Retreat, and for other good consideration to me, which I hereby acknowledge, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators and executors assume all risks, of any nature and kind, which might be associated with the Casting for Life Retreat. I waive and release any and all right and claim for damages which I may have against the Casting For Life, the sponsors, organizers and others connected with this event, and their respective representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries to my person or property of any kind whatsoever suffered by as a result of taking part in this event or its activities.

I acknowledge that this waiver and release extends to and includes any matters now existing or that may arise by reason of me taking part in this event and its related activities. I am signing this waiver and release of my own free will and I have not relied upon anything told or promised to me by or for those persons or entities released, and have satisfied myself of the facts of this event or its related activities by own knowledge and investigation.

Name of Person Attending (PLEASE PRINT)____________________________________________

Witness (PLEASE PRINT) __________________________________________________________

Signature of Person Attending ________________________________________________________

Signature of Witness _______________________________________________________________

Date ____________________________________________________________________________



Photograph, Video, Name and/or Quotation

Release Form

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I, the undersigned, hereby give permission to Casting for Life to use my material (photograph, video, name or quotation) without any further compensation to me. I understand this material will be used in communication and materials about Casting for Life and they will be distributed to the public through a variety of means, including printed and electronic communications. All communications where this material will appear shall constitute the property of Casting for Life , solely and completely.

I waive all moral rights, claims, and objections arising from the use of this material, worldwide and in perpetuity, in favour of Casting for Life, its agents, employees, and contractors.

My personal information is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and is subject to the provisions of that Act. My consent allows for the collection, use and disclosure of my information for the purposes described above. If I have questions regarding my consent or the use of my information, I can contact Casting for Life at 403-703-1828.

I have consented to the use of my information, which is deemed to be personal information, only for the above-identified purposes. I have the choice to provide my contact information if I wish to be contacted for future photos, videos, quotations or projects of this nature.

I understand that because my material will be available to the public in any communications, it is not possible to consider an expiry date for this consent. Cancellation of my consent may only limit the use of my information in future or new publications.



____________________________________ ____________________________________

Print name Signature


____________________________________ ____________________________________

Date (month, day, year) Witness (name and signature)



Contact Information (optional) ________________________________________________





Cancellation of Consent


I, _________________________________, cancel this permission. I understand that some action may have been taken prior to cancellation of this consent.


____________________________________ ____________________________________

Dated Signature





2004 to present